Strong Mind v/s Weak Mind

Strong Mind v/s Weak Mind

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Strong Mind v/s Weak Mind

Strong Mind

As strong mind always remains calm even in adversities. It never succumbs to temptations, and develops tremendous courage to say 'NO' to immoral thoughts and actions. It always remains free from prejudice, suspicion and jealousy. Clarity of thinking makes it possible to take right decisions and come to rights judgments. Such a mind will never indulge in wrong actions, prompted by evil emotions, such as anger, fear, hatred, etc., but will be always guided by serious, deep and right thinking. Positive thinking, concentration, fearlessness, adventurous nature, and self confidence are the vital qualities of a strong mind.

Weak Mind

A weak mind gets irritated and loses temper over trifling matters and reacts violently. Such a mind can easily succumb to any sort of temptations. Due to confusion, suspicion, and prejudice, it fails to take the right decisions and make impartial judgments. Such a mind always compromises with and surrenders to evil forces.

It cannot face challenges in life, instead tries to escape from them by adopting easy and cheap methods. Such a mind always takes recourse to weeping and grumbling. Such a mind never appreciates good qualities in others. Restlessness, fear, tension, laziness, frustration, superstition, and negative thinking are the main characteristics of a weak mind.


Four years back when my health has taken a back seat. The only reason I have managed to survives is that I has a Strong mind, tremendous will power and a panel of good doctors. I did not believe in faith healer he was design to ruin my life and other lives which he is currently ruing with his sweet talk. I fought, fought and fought now I am top of the world. Peruse and have tremendous patience you will always win.

Monday, August 31, 2009


The best way to tell the world to shut up. Is to perform. Sterling performance.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Many people have failed because they could not handle their success.
Many celebrities succumbed to various forms of intoxication's because they could not handle the magnitude of their success.
The higher you go, if you fall, the deeper will be the fall. BEWARE.
Few, fall to rise. Many, rise to fall.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Vegan – The Voice of Animal Rights

It was published in 22 May 2009 in website

I am a vegan since 1993. By birth I was a vegetarian born in Jain family. I have been brought up with the principles of Ahimsa ‘Love and Compassion’ for Animals. As I grew up and followed the path of Ahimsa I also discovered the horrors of dairy and leather industry I was shocked and horrified but at the same time enlightened and took the path of veganism and never ever looked back. I know I have to walk miles, but at the same time, I know it is the rights path. My passion for veganism, my dream to convert the whole world to ‘Vegan’ will happen as I have indentified a cause, a cause that seems larger than my own life, on which I am willing to invest every breath of mine to the very last breath. It is this passion for the cause of animals, this passion to make harmony in nature, will definitely unfold legendary possibilities. Extra ordinary people are ordinary people who will do everything with extra ordinary passion. That ‘extra’ is passion. My message to the human race is “Open not just your eyes, but also your heart and you will see the path, lets not be conditional in our expression of Love” let every blood cell of yours yearn with this passion, in anything and everything give that ‘extra’ and thus live an extraordinary life.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


With honesty you overcome the fear of admitting you were wrong. By being honest you are making a statement, “I know I am not perfect and I have nothing to hide about it.” With honesty alone you declare to the world, “I am what I am.” Honesty is simply your way of telling the world, “Hey! This is me.  This alone is me.” 

Monday, April 6, 2009


"Just simply and honestly, I’M WHAT I’M!! - Who loves to express and never ever care to impress; Who always live life his own way and who don’t care what others say or think about him; Who live in accordance with his gut feeling, taking life as it comes and dare to go wherever it takes him.I believe and rely on the limitless human intelligence, which is capable to subdue anything under the sun. Being a pragmatist, I hate Utopian philosophies and ideologies. I’m a human being, my religion will be nature and both God and Fate has nothing to do with my life and me. Doing gives more satisfaction to me rather than thinking. I’m not a short-route taker in life’s path and prefer to head ‘straight’ and turn ‘right’. I always take up the way, which is less traveled and explored, and like to learn new things in life. I’m fun loving. It helps to keep my thoughts and imaginations clear and strong. No other power in this world can manipulate me or tempt me other than my attitude or perception towards it. Obviously, my attitude controls my life and me. So, all ABOUT ME is just all ABOUT MY ATTITUDE!!".